Monday, November 2, 2009

10 Years at First Technology

I just had the rest of my division shuffle into my office, all shy smiles, to present me with a gift in honor of my 10 year anniversary of working for First Technology.

The gift is the really awesome whisky flask pictured below. I guess my obsession with whisky is very apparent.

Before First Tech, I moved around quite a lot. Sometimes only working at a company for 3 or 4 months before moving on to the next. I am a firm believer in finding the right fit, and not hanging on in a job that you are not happy with. So the big question then is, why have I stayed here for so long?

What kept me at First Tech?
The main reasons that stick out in my mind are:

  • Flexibility and scope for growth :- I started here as a printer technician all those years ago, and I am now the Senior Software developer.

  • Fair and open dealings :- This is a two way street. As much as my boss has been fair and open in his dealings with me, I have strived to do the same with him. I tell him when I have problems with an aspect of my work or if I am not happy with the way something is done.

  • Forgiveness :- This is also something that works both way’s… although I’m pretty sure that I have been forgiven far more times than I have had to forgive.

  • Knowing what’s out there :- I have known a few people whose first job in their careers was at First Technology. They grumbled and moaned and eventually got other job’s. Most of them wish they could come back to First Tech. They didn’t realize what they had when they were here. I’ve been out there, and had some horrible employment experiences, so I can benchmark my experience here and know how lucky I have to have this job.

  • Because I choose to stay out of politics:- This is a big one. How YOU choose to behave in ANY company can have a huge impact on your work environment. I don’t know of any one person at my office who hates me or is gunning for my destruction… I do know of a few people who do have these problems. Any office with a human element is bound to have friction. My trick is to be polite and friendly, forgive those who mistreat me, and ALWAYS keep myself above reproach. Listen to a co-worker complain if they need to offload, but never repeat what they have said to anybody else. Diplomacy is a great skill to help you survive the corporate jungle.

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