Monday, November 16, 2009

Problems with new Adobe Flash Player Installer

So I decided to upgrade my flash player in IE and went to adobes site. I clicked the link to download and install the latest version and it popped up with some sort of download manager. This pulled down the latest version and then bombed out with an error at 100%, I tried the resume with the same error. I then tried with Mozilla and had the same problem. This is why I hate bootstraps.

I Found
and downloaded the installer. Once the download completed, I ran the file and my flash upgrade was complete.

So easy, why can’t Adobe just do it this way. The way I see it, any company offering bootstrap installs (Like Live Messenger) should offer a re-distributable file for download on the same page so that those of us that have to contend with proxies and systems not setup exactly the way the development lab was can still install our apps the good old fashioned way.

Oh, and here are the links to get Adobe Flash Player 10, with thanks to
Flash Player 10 for Internet Explorer MSI Installer
Flash Player 10 for Internet Explorer EXE Installer
Flash Player 10 for Firefox/Mozilla MSI Installer
Flash Player 10 for Firefox/Mozilla EXE Installer

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