Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is South Africa more technologically advanced than Australia?

When I was on holiday in Perth, Australia, I noticed that none of the shops had Digital Price Tags, or wireless LCD advertising screens. This has become quite popular in South Africa, even in my sleepy hollow of a town Pietermaritzburg. When I asked my friends in Australia about it, they had never even heard this technology.

So here for my mates "Down Under", especially Ray, are some photos that I snapped at the shops of these items.
Digital Price Tags

Wireless LCD advertising screen playing a looping advert.

Side view of wireless LCD advertising screen.
Note the Arial for wireless transmission of the adverts to play.

As best I can understand, the adverts are commissioned and chosen at the head office of the shop in question, then pushed down to media servers in each shop respectively over the internet. From there they are transmitted on a wireless LAN to each device, and then visually assault shopper walking down the aisles with the latest specials and averts.

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