Thursday, October 14, 2010

12 Ideas to Revitalise your Blog

Your blog may be providing some great content, but you feel like you are getting stuck in a rut and not making progress. You might want to consider diversifying a bit with guest writers (always let them link to their own blog/website in exchange for the write-up) or by using some of the following ideas;

  • Lists: for example “5 brilliant Business Resources” or “10 Tips for Managers” or “10 New Business Ideas”
  • How to: for example “How to take Dominate the Boardroom” or “How to make a killer Presentation”
  • Learning from experiences: for example “I should have done X instead of Y” (excellent for guest bloggers)
  • Write a post examining the pros and cons of an issue.
  • Do an interview with key people in your niche.
  • Make a post simplifying a complex problem for your readers.
  • Spruce up your posts with pictures.
  • Post about frequently asked questions in your niche.
  • Aggregate and filter information, facts, stats or content that currently exists in different places in a single post.
  • Write part 2 of one of your posts that was extremely popular.
  • Write something to inspire/motivate your readers, especially if you don’t normally do that.
  • Blog an event: attend a relevant event and write about it

Happy blogging!


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