Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blogger, Wordpress, and tumblr comparison

I’ve started a Photo Blog over at tumblr. Now I have blog’s on Blogger, Wordpress, and tumblr.
My impressions of these 3 free blogging sites so far are;

This seems to is the most flexible of the lot, but the popups on images are very annoying.

Incredibly easy to setup an use, I would happily recommend this to a first time blogger. Although the setup wizard tries to push you into using a paid premium template, you can get around it if the read the page properly. So far I am very impressed with it.

I’m sorry to say Blogger is the most uncomfortable to use, and does not seem very flexible. I kind of regret setting it up as my primary blog, but you have to learn somehow.

Blogger seem to be improving their systems, I used the new template tool and it was much better.

Let me know what you use and how happy you are with it.


  1. Thank u for sharing such a nice blog and Give some suggestion for the improvement business.

  2. I use Blogspot aswell as Tumblr to get some extra link juice. The new Blogspot system seems very nice, I'm really pleased with it! I think the only thing Blogspot is missing now is an API where developers are able to more easily develop plugins for it; just like WP. Interesting article Carl, thanks for the read!

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