Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Long Tail SEO Justified and Implemented

For a long time I’ve been punting the benefits of long tail SEO to my customers, but most just ignore it. Ian Lurie from Conversation Marketing has just put together a brilliant explanation  of the true hidden power of Log Tail SEO.  So now I finally have a way to explain (with pictures) why this is so important. Thanks Ian

Yes, I probably should have done this myself long ago, but just never got round to it.

Ok, so now you may be asking yourself;
“How do I implement Long Tail SEO?”

Well the obvious way is to use all the typical on-page SEO practices such as using the phrase in the Meta Title and Meta Description tags, the URL, heading, and content (especially the first paragraph). The problem is that you don’t want to have to create a new page for each long tail.

The answer is simple, add your long tail phrases to the content of existing pages that are already optimised for one or more of the words in the long tail.

I would use on-page SEO for the more popular long tail phrases, and just leverage my existing content for the more obscure ones. This should get you pretty solid search engine rankings for your long tail phrases.

Awesome and easy!


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