Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why I deleted your comment from my blog.

I wrote this as an email to a link spammer, but I figure I may as well share it here:

I could tell that your comment was just blatantly trying to use my blog for more incoming links, and to be honest I was kind of flattered, I was even going to leave it there... but then I clicked on your profile link, and found that you have no blog, so I cannot paste a link to my website in your blog. How is that fair? You can get a link from me, but I can’t get a link from you?

This is why I deleted you comment. If you do decide to set up a blog, please try and comment again, and if you let me comment on your blog with a link to my site... then I will not delete your link. This way we all win!

Warm regards
You friendly neighbourhood blogger

Update : I still get tons of comment spam and have taken to comment spamming my comment spammers blogs in a futile attempt to get some good out of this. Check out this rant I found about comment spam - Warning, Contains strong language