Sunday, June 19, 2011

10 Most and Least Retweeted Words

If you are trying to generate traffic using twitter, then you want to get retreated for 3 reasons;
1. Links that are re-tweeted more than twice car considered to valuable by search engines.
2. If someone with a lot of followers re-tweets your link you can get a lot of visitors from their followers.
3. Some people pipe their twitter feeds into other social networks or their blogs as feeds, this can also generate more visitors and perceived authority on search engines.

10 Most Retweeted Words

1. you
2. twitter
3. please 
4. retweet
5. post       
6. blog 
7. social
8. free 
9. media 
10. help  

10 Least Retweetable Words

1. game 
2. going 
3. haha    
4. lol 
5. but  
6. watching 
7. work  
8. home    
9. night  
10. bed   

From this we can see that it is better to talk to and about your target audience rather than to tweet about yourself. If you are talking to "me", then I am more likely to retweet you.

The word "PLEASE" is also very important. If you want to be retweeted, ask for it and be polite.

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  1. Twitter is such a powerful social media platform! Certainly, it's true that the word “please” will get your tweet be re-tweeted. By the way, I think you forgot two more valuable re-tweeted words; “free” and “best”. Cheers!

  2. It seems like most non-retweetable words are those used for slice of life or personal posts, and those should definitely not be retweeted. Although retweet and twitter should probably be exempt from that list, because they’re usually used or part of the retweet spiel, and would definitely appear in viral tweets regardless.