Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tips to improve your chances of getting retweeted

Continuing on my Using twitter for SEO series,  in this post I will give you a few tips and techniques to improve your chances of getting retweeted.

Time of the day:
Peak tweet hours - business hours.
Peak retweet hours - 3pm to midnight.
If you want your tweets read, tweet in the morning; if you want to be retweeted, tweet at night.
Pro Tip: Keep in mind the time zone of your target audience.

Day of the week:
The worst day for retweets is Sunday; it picks up from there and peaks on Friday

Tweets with links are retweeted much more often. URL shorteners are retweeted the most and tinyurl is retweeted the least.

The shorter the better. Try to use a maximum of 120 characters if you want to be retweeted. 

Using trending hashtags greatly increases your findability by Twitter users and Twitter bots alike, but can harm your SEO. Read Are Hashtags Harming Your Twitter Success? for more info

93% of all retweets contain proper punctuation in them, particularly colons and periods.

People are more likely to retweet when the tweet is targeting them and contains information that is worth sharing. The word “you” is the most retweeted word. Unless you are a celebrity, nobody will bother retweeting your  plans for the evening.  Generally, the -ing verbs, like "going", "watching", "listening" won't get retweets either

It’s amazingly  simple but effective . The phrase “please retweet” is incredibly high on the most retweeted list.

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