Thursday, March 29, 2012

Create .sln file for ASP.NET

How to create a .sln file for an existing ASP.NET application

  • From the Visual Studio menu choose "File | New | Project..."
  • From the resulting dialog, under "Other Project Types" choose "Visual Studio Solutions" and create a blank solution.
  • Then from the Visual Studio menu choose "File | Add | Existing Web Site" and point it to your web site to add it to your new solution.

It’s that simple


  1. This was so simple, beginners like me will find this useful as we are not generally aware about such simple things. I think now I should do a victory dance too as I was succeeded in this.

  2. Hi Juan

    I'm glad this was helpfull for you.

  3. great post with simple instruction

  4. Thank you, Carl. You saved me from my monster "nested master pages." (Doing victory dance in my head as it is midnight here).

    1. Happy to help, just 2 weeks ago I had to refer to this post to revive a legacy project.